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#178 TOILET BOWL SWAB Keep your hands away from dirty water and harmful chemicals. Pour cleaner into the cup and watch the strands soak it up! After your toilet has been swabbed clean, the cup acts as a wringer to squeeze out excess water. Durable 15" plastic handle.



 Extra-strength power for a cleaner toilet. Thick get formula cleans, deodorizes and descales without damaging the surface of the toilet. Easy aim spout lets you place cleaner where you want it, even under the rim! Leaves a pleasant peppermint scent.



 Make toilet cleaning easy with this uniquely contoured brush! Specially designed for easy cleaning around rim, trap and curves without scratching porcelain. Quick drying bristles resist mildew. 19 - 1/2" in length.



 Hold it! Attractively designed with an open back to help the Bowl Brush dry quickly to prevent mildewing. No more water stains on the floor!


#780 BATHCLEAN (22 fl. oz.)

 Powerful foaming action! BathClean works quickly and effectively to foam away and dissolve tough soap scum and hard water stains caused by calcium, magnesium and other minerals. Regular use will prevent mineral stain build-up.


#958 Spray Trigger

#602 TILE & GROUT CLEANER (20 oz.)

 Keep your shower shining. Thick foaming action conquers the toughest build-up of dirt, water rings and soap film without scratching. A super cleaner with no harsh chlorine fumes.



 Hit the showers! Our Shower Track & grout Brush cleans away the grime in hard-to-reach places like shower and window tracks, corners, and around the edges of plumbing fixtures. Bristles are tough enough to clean but gentle enough to deep your surfaces scratch-free. 5 - 1/2" plastic handle conveniently hangs on any hook.


#653 SURFACE PROTECTOR (12 fl. oz.)

 Now clean less often. Surface Protector's silicone formula shields surfaces form water, detergents and soil so they stay cleaner longer. Use on porcelain, fiberglass, chrome, grout and glass surfaces.




Germs and bacteria can cause diseases such as staph infections, strep throat, pneumonia, bladder infections, intestinal  illness, and more.

They grow quickly in warm, damp environments like bathrooms and are a year-round health threat. With proper disinfecting, you can kill nearly all forms of germs and bacteria and help keep you and your family healthy.

The most important areas to disinfect are the ones that get touched the most - including toilet seats and flushing handles, door knobs, faucets, floors, tubs, showers, trash cans, diaper pails, and light switches. Use products specifically formulated to disinfect.

Sanitizing is not the same as disinfecting, so check the label to be sure. Disinfecting at least weekly helps keep your family in good health and your bathroom bacteria free, and also eliminates mildew spores which breed in damp environments.

The following three products were specifically designed to fight germs.



 Germ fighting power. A superior disinfectant and cleaner that kills germs, athletes foot fungus, staph, and salmonella, while cleaning away dirt, grease and water marks. Use everywhere in your home for a cleaner environment.

#975 Refillable Spray Bottle



 Hospital-strength cleaning in a can. Foaming action not only cleans, shines and deodorizes - it kills germs and prevents mold and mildew. a great way to help protect your family.


#791 FULLSAN SPRAY (16 oz.)

 Germ-fighting power - in a spray. For years sold only to hospitals, germ-fighting convenience is yours in a handy spray. Use on sinks, countertops, faucets, toilets, door knobs, light switches/fullerbrush and hard surface your family comes in contact with.


#674 DISSOLVE (16 fl. oz.)

 Watch deposits dissolve before your eyes. Finally, an industrial-strength formula that effectively removes lime, scale, rust and hard water deposits quickly and easily. Thick gel clings to surfaces as it attacks the grime.


NOTE: Not available in Massachusetts and Wisconsin.



 Eliminate soap rings with a quick cleaning. 26" handle allows for easy reach without stretching. Polyester scrubber tip conquers tough spots without scratching the surface of your tub.


#180 Bathtub Swab Replacement Head


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